Halloween Town


So every year throughout Halloween time in Second Life© I am bored and annoyed with all the commercial nonsense. Also, without fail, every Halloween I am caught off guard and impressed by something someone did that really worked. Last year it happened at Havenhollow, this year at Halloween Town. Halloween Town is put together by Laura Liberty who, judging by what it says in her profile, is part of a team that creates holiday themed towns in Second Life. Initially, when I first teleported in, I was struck by the whimsical architecture of the builds. They are like nothing I have seen before, quite intricate and sort of cartoon-like, lovely, really.  These little houses contain stores selling Halloween-themed goods and some of it is incredibly well made. For those of you who are obsessed with Halloween, go take a look, I am sure you will be quite excited. As I continued walking through town, now starting to feel a little more optimistic about Second Life Halloween again, I eventually found myself in front of the haunted house.  You will not be able to zoom through this house quickly; turn on the music, follow the arrows and be prepared to spend some time in suspense.  Some of the scenes are silly, some frightening and some even quite surreal, but they are all very well-thought out. Bravo, Laura Liberty, great work, you had me holding my breath a few times for sure!





Photographs by Kate Bergdorf

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