Metaphore, by Tutsy Navarathna


I am in a hurry this morning and on my way out, but had to take a few minutes to share with you before I go the beautiful machinima Metaphore, by Tutsy Navarathna.  It captivated me to the point where I had to remain in front of the screen and watch it to the end. Really, I felt I had no choice. This short film is part of the Machinima UWA VII: Transcending Borders, the 7th UWA Short Animated Film Challenge, a competition of which Tutsy Navarathna is a three-time champion. The film Metaphore integrates in the most sophisticated way the visual and the psychological, resulting in a machinima that is both sensual and touching and, truly, nothing short of astounding.  This work is one of the best visual representations of Second Life© that I have seen to date. I could go on and on, but please watch it for yourselves.

6 thoughts on “Metaphore, by Tutsy Navarathna

  1. Yes, this machinima, like the previous others by Tutsy, cachts you to the end. He always gives a great special and personal atmosphere

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