Piedra Lubitsch at Lollygagger





I used to write a lot about art in Second Life© and I used to really enjoy doing it. These days, honestly, there is not too much to write about. I predictably end up writing about the same artists. These individuals create solid work, meaning they produce outstanding work on a consistent basis (like, for instance, Igor Ballyhoo, Bryn Oh, Harbor Galaxy). But there are other great artists out there, I know it, I am just having a hard time finding them. Once in a while I will stumble upon a talented artist who is relatively new. Like Piedra Lubitsch, who is currently showing photographs at the Lollygagger Art Center. I headed over this weekend to the opening, but it was too crowded so I left and  decided to return today. Let me also just point out here that not only was Piedra’s work great, but the gallery itself was too. No fancy textures or glittery stuff, just plain old scruffy space with some writing on the ground, squeezed in between some other buildings on a  mainland area. Refreshing! Bravo, Lollygagger Art Center, cool space indeed. But back to Piedra. Her work is well-crafted and well-thought out; color and light are beautifully integrated. What captured my attention the most when viewing Piedra’s photographs was the  sense of being  part of a moment. Her photography feels very much alive. The images I am posting in this blog, don’t do her work any justice; please head over to the gallery and take a closer look for yourself.

Photographs by Kate Bergdorf


2 thoughts on “Piedra Lubitsch at Lollygagger

  1. Thank you for writing about Piedra’s Art Show. I am Chrissssy the Lollygagger Art Center Director and we appreciate the kind words about our center. We have great fun at our openings and Piedra’s was one of the best ones we have opened. Hope you come back for more openings. Our next artist is Ziki Questi.

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