Black Kite

black kite_001There is this place called the Black Kite. Honestly, I had never heard about it before, but judging by the its Flickr group postings, it has been around for a while and is very popular. Intimate seating areas to hang out on, large soap bubbles to pose on, as well as a small store, can be found on this sim. But what I really like about this place, besides it being very lovely and fun in general, is that the generous owner, Cloudy Turbo, has found a diplomatic way to make it accessible to all. This seems to be a growing trend in Second Life©, which I loudly applaud (another sim that offers free rezz-rights is The Trace). Miss Turbo has her private home on this sim, which is understandably not accessible to the public. But she offers rezz-rights, and even the option to set home, for the rest of the sim to all who join the Go Fly A Kite group in-world. Cloudy only asks that people adhere to a few simple rules, which are posted in the Covenant. Bravo Cloudy Turbo and thank you kindly for sharing your beautiful place with us all! Hopefully other sim owners will be inspired and follow suit.

Photograph by Kate Bergdorf

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