The Trace


On The Trace, by Kylie Jaxxon, are located mostly small wooden seasonal houses dispersed throughout a relatively flat and sandy water landscape. This is a remarkably beautiful and tranquil place that truly feels like Summer. Each wooden house has a different exterior. The interiors are all decorated differently as well, giving the visitor an impression that these are all lived in homes and not simply houses. The layout of the landscape is similarly personalized. A variety of trees, meadow flowers and rocks come together in unexpected ways, providing the place with a real sense of nature.  Other details, like sounds of waves and birds, and the movement of waves, birds, and gently rocking rowboats, add to an overall picture of this being a Summer island. Many bloggers have already visited this place, here are a few posts I liked: What the Huck?, Ziki Questi’s Blog, Living in a Modemworld and Hounour’s Post Menopausal View (of Second Life).

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