Visiting Bryn Oh’s The Singularity of Kumiko


I visited Bryn Oh’s The Singularity of Kumiko today. The installation opened on February 14, 2014 and is sponsored by a media grant from the Ontario Arts Council. As expected, this is an art experience close to perfection. Not only the exhibit itself, but the directions on how to best experience it are impressive. At the landing point are detailed instructions on posters (for multiple viewers) on how to set light and sound. There are also small tables with more notes about sound and text. There is a head lamp to wear and use. There are instructions on how to open the door. While it is certainly time-consuming to read and take in all this information I utterly appreciate the effort to optimize the visitor’s viewing experience. Once one enters the exhibit itself through the round red door it is, as pre-warned and expected, dark. It now becomes clear why the head light is imperative as a guide. I comprehend the purpose of the darkness, but still wished for more light as I wandered (and fumbled and stumbled) through the installation. I get that the darkness lends to this work a sense of being lost and helpless and alone and together with the beautiful objects and stunningly narrated scenes by Bryn this has without doubt been successfully achieved. Sound, light, scripting, objects, juxtaposition and story-telling come together beautifully here to create a meaningful immersive whole. There is no question in my mind that this work is poetic. Still, too dark. Ultimately, of course, this is also  quality of artistic expression rarely experienced in Second Life©. Head over to Immersiva and take a look for yourself. This exhibit has been widely blogged about, here are some blog posts I like: Bryn Oh, Division Street/Divided PathHonour McMillan’s Post Menopausal View (of Second Life), Ziki Questi’s Blog, Prim Perfect. Below is a video trailer by Bryn Oh that does this work much more justice than the photo above taken by me.

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