Announcing New Blog: The Virtual Review


I am excited to announce that I am starting a new blog, The Virtual Review, in addition to The Bergdorf Reports blog. I am posting the first post today. The Virtual Review blog is about fiction, poetry, and visual arts in Second Life©. Additionally, there will be interviews with both emerging and established Second Life creators of all kinds. The blog is a promoter of originality and previously unpublished  submissions of fiction, poetry and essays on visual art by contributors are welcome. The first blog post is on the intriguing sim named the Spencer Museum of Art, which shows the installation Petrovsky Flux.  I have written a short essay on this work and the talented photographer, Helene Lytton, my friend, has taken the photographs.

Photograph above by Helene Lytton

2 thoughts on “Announcing New Blog: The Virtual Review

  1. Thanks, Becky, and thanks for following! I’m looking forward to working on this blog, it has been in the works for a while, just finally had time to get it started. Also, congratulations on the pre-view opening of Paradise Lost. Sounds like it was a huge hit!!

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