Fairyland: Piwnica pod Aniolami w Skirolawkach


Dreary of snow and ice, in the search for Spring and the sun, I happened to recently stumble upon the sim Fairyland and returned today to take a look. Perhaps some of you know it, I had not heard of it before. Judging by the fact that most of the objects on the sim seem to be owned by Gocha Merlin, I am assuming she is the creator of this very pretty land. Part of the sim name is in Polish; I goggled it, translated it from Polish to English, and Piwnica pod Aniolami w Skirolawkach means something like The cellar under Aniolami in Skirolawkach. I have no idea what the actual meaning of this is! If any of you know, please let me know, I would love to find out.


The Fairyland parcel is lovely, sort of reminds me of Roche a little, but it is also different. The layout is quite romantic, but at the same time no-nonsense and without frills. You will find here plenty winding roads (bicycles are available for use), farmland, sheep, cows, houses and barns, surrounded by water,  bridges, a small river; all this is partially enveloped in fog. This place is worth your time and a visit. And for those of you who like photogenic Second Life© spots, there are plenty to be found here.


I should also mention here that the aforementioned Miss Goche Merlin is the owner of a large clothing store named !gO!. There are plenty of adorable Spring outfits to be had there, go and take a look for yourself. With the sweet and playful !gO! dress above I am wearing Ana hair (Citrine) by D!va, skin (Amaterasu, *peche*) by Essences, mesh feet by [Gos], Look eyes (Natural Blue) by Amacci, and the pose Woawh #1 by Del May.

→ Dress: blOOm Dress
→ Creator: Gocha Merlin
→ Store Location: !gO!

Photographs by Kate Bergdorf

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