Spontaneous Reviews for Paradise Lost in Second Life are in!

Canary Beck

The full reviews of the Paradise Lost in Second Life Press Preview are slowly trickling in; however, we took some first reactions from those present, immediately after event.

Note: All of the slide show images of the Preview were taken by the lovely and talented Caitlin Tobias – who tweeted…

So on with the immediate reviews!

5 stars

Absolutely amazing – really pushing the envelope of the metaverse! i wish this gets heard about WIDE outside of SL. Yes a 10-year-old platform with some legacy code: but just like the physical world – it is what you make of it!

Draxtor Despres, The DraxFiles Radio Hour with Jo Yardley

5 stars

This was a thoroughly enjoyable performance. It was thoughtful, entertaining, and very much a feast for the senses, with gorgeous sets, beautiful music, and lovely and engrossing…

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Announcing New Blog: The Virtual Review


I am excited to announce that I am starting a new blog, The Virtual Review, in addition to The Bergdorf Reports blog. I am posting the first post today. The Virtual Review blog is about fiction, poetry, and visual arts in Second Life©. Additionally, there will be interviews with both emerging and established Second Life creators of all kinds. The blog is a promoter of originality and previously unpublished  submissions of fiction, poetry and essays on visual art by contributors are welcome. The first blog post is on the intriguing sim named the Spencer Museum of Art, which shows the installation Petrovsky Flux.  I have written a short essay on this work and the talented photographer, Helene Lytton, my friend, has taken the photographs.

Photograph above by Helene Lytton

Fairyland: Piwnica pod Aniolami w Skirolawkach


Dreary of snow and ice, in the search for Spring and the sun, I happened to recently stumble upon the sim Fairyland and returned today to take a look. Perhaps some of you know it, I had not heard of it before. Judging by the fact that most of the objects on the sim seem to be owned by Gocha Merlin, I am assuming she is the creator of this very pretty land. Part of the sim name is in Polish; I goggled it, translated it from Polish to English, and Piwnica pod Aniolami w Skirolawkach means something like The cellar under Aniolami in Skirolawkach. I have no idea what the actual meaning of this is! If any of you know, please let me know, I would love to find out.


The Fairyland parcel is lovely, sort of reminds me of Roche a little, but it is also different. The layout is quite romantic, but at the same time no-nonsense and without frills. You will find here plenty winding roads (bicycles are available for use), farmland, sheep, cows, houses and barns, surrounded by water,  bridges, a small river; all this is partially enveloped in fog. This place is worth your time and a visit. And for those of you who like photogenic Second Life© spots, there are plenty to be found here.


I should also mention here that the aforementioned Miss Goche Merlin is the owner of a large clothing store named !gO!. There are plenty of adorable Spring outfits to be had there, go and take a look for yourself. With the sweet and playful !gO! dress above I am wearing Ana hair (Citrine) by D!va, skin (Amaterasu, *peche*) by Essences, mesh feet by [Gos], Look eyes (Natural Blue) by Amacci, and the pose Woawh #1 by Del May.

→ Dress: blOOm Dress
→ Creator: Gocha Merlin
→ Store Location: !gO!

Photographs by Kate Bergdorf

Happening on MetaLES


MetaLES, by Ux Hax, Lanjran Choche and Romy Nayar, has been hosting full sim art installations for years in Second Life©.  Alongside the art sims sponsored by Linden Endowment for the Arts (LEA), as well as the sims showing work Bryn Oh and Rose Borchovski, the art installations on MetaLES are predictably noteworthy. This goes for the current exhibit, Insanity, by Cherry Manga as well. Large human-like figures and surrealist-inspired objects are spread out on a vast space, introducing to the viewer a sense of the unspeakable. But while objects themselves are certainly inspiring and well-made, I didn’t experience them coming together as a whole. Regardless, this work does tap into the dark depths of the psyche and is well worth a visit. Several blog posts have of course already been written about this work, one of the best ones I thought was by Thirza Ember in her blog Second Life ArtsParks.


Upon entering MetaLES you will also find on the ground a small teleport that transports visitors to a newly created space above the sim. It is an area that houses videos of all prior exhibits. Simply click on the image of the installation you would like to view and you will be re-directed to a Vimeo page where you can see the video. This is a wonderful thing; not only is it an archival treasure, but also of course a walk down memory lane. Head over and take a look!

Photographs by Kate Bergdorf