Away Due To Technical Problems


I am having some serious problems using the new Firestorm viewer and have not been able to properly log in to Second Life© for a while. The instructions on the Firestorm home page suggests to delete all Firestorm files (“clean install”) before installing the new version, which I did, but I am still having problems. If any of you use a Mac OS X, version 10.8.5, and have come up against similar problems, but still were able to successfully install the new viewer, please let me know. I can log in with the old Second Life viewer, but it is a visually painful experience (grey surroundings, mesh objects completely distorted, etc.) that I find myself avoiding. I miss my virtual world home and friends and my weekly blogging. I will be back as soon as I have found a way to sort out these technical problems. Meanwhile, wishing everybody a Happy New Year!

Photo above by the talented Strawberry Singh.

4 thoughts on “Away Due To Technical Problems

  1. Hey Kate – that sounds like a pain! I’m running 10.9 and both of the latest FS viewers and can’t see the problems your seeing. Have you tried using the official viewer to see if that works? Just might be an idea to narrow down the issue to FS.

      1. Well, I’m far from a tech wiz, but not being able to log in from different viewers (TPV and Official) suggests the problem isn’t viewer related. There was a time this happened to me, and it was my internet connection. I was uploading a bunch of videos for work and my router was so congested it wouldn’t allow anything else through it. You might want to see if there’s a problem with your connection by doing a speediest at and comparing that to what you expect. Second, I suggest you restart your router and see if that helps. Test some other things like youtube videos and see what happens when you try that, good luck!

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