Away Due To Technical Problems


I am having some serious problems using the new Firestorm viewer and have not been able to properly log in to Second Life© for a while. The instructions on the Firestorm home page suggests to delete all Firestorm files (“clean install”) before installing the new version, which I did, but I am still having problems. If any of you use a Mac OS X, version 10.8.5, and have come up against similar problems, but still were able to successfully install the new viewer, please let me know. I can log in with the old Second Life viewer, but it is a visually painful experience (grey surroundings, mesh objects completely distorted, etc.) that I find myself avoiding. I miss my virtual world home and friends and my weekly blogging. I will be back as soon as I have found a way to sort out these technical problems. Meanwhile, wishing everybody a Happy New Year!

Photo above by the talented Strawberry Singh.