Zeppelin Bar

zeppelin_006Have you ever been to the sim Cristallina? It is a sim broken up into smaller parcels, like so many others in Second Life©. A few lots on it stand empty, others contain clubs of various kinds. The south-east corner of the sim is occupied by the Zeppelin Bar. The first thing that struck me about the Zeppelin Bar area of the sim is a sense of complete ownership of this particular corner of land. Let me explain. I used to have a homestead in Second Life, but now I only have a small lot. There are several reasons for this change in land-ownership, the major one being that I am simply not in Second Life as often as I used to. I just don’t need that much space. I am satisfied with the small lot I now have on the Philosophy Island sim, there is only one thing that irks me, namely, I am surrounded by buildings that belong to my neighbors (some of them quite unsightly). I struggled with this for a while, putting up all kinds of tall trees and other large objects to completely surround my home and block the view of surrounding houses. Ultimately, no matter how hard I tried, it didn’t work. I decided to move up into the sky. I’m fine up there, but sometimes I miss the water and the ground. (For those of you who have land, I think you probably know what I mean.) Anyway, back to the lot on the south-east corner of Cristallina. AarOn Longfall, the owner of the Zeppelin Bar, has succeeded in completely making this corner lot his own. There is no sight of neighboring buildings and no feeling of shared land. In fact, when I first teleported in earlier today, I thought the Zeppelin Bar was one large sim! I think this probably has to do with the fact that he did a great job disguising the immediate adjacent surroundings, but, and more importantly, Mr. Longfall clearly has an unusual knack for creating an atmosphere that completely holds ones attention. The Zeppelin Bar is one of the most beautiful and, yes, sensual places I have seen in Second Life.


Like most Second Life places that leave an impression you will find here an incredible attention to detail. The suggested wind-light is Annan Adored Light Explosion, with which I am in complete agreement; the light is dark, suggestive and inviting. Turn on the music stream, the music is contemporary Indie music, you will hear performers like Imogen Heap, Flunk, Brazilian Girls, Airily and Halou. The main Zeppelin Bar build is by the talented Marcus Inkpen. There is a ground floor, consisting of a foyer, a bar and performance space. On the second floor you will find balconies and a few intimate rooms. Some of the doors on the second floor will take you to outside spaces that are decaying and falling apart. Throughout the building is a collection of objects by the most talented Second Life creators; Van Auster, Froukje Hoorenbeek, Apple Fall, Pandora Popstar, just to mention a few (in no particular order). There is an abundance of lamps; magnificent crystal chandeliers in the ceilings, smaller dimly-yellow mounted wall lamps and several small standing lamps covered with sheer colored lace fabric. Thick carpets cover the floors on both levels. Framed posters and paintings, some depicting zeppelins, adorn most walls. I could go on and on. Clearly, this has all been put together by someone who loved every moment when creating it.



The inside space extends to the outside. Across the street is a space with seating areas, surrounded by a row of tall, red banners. Items like games, paintings, sofas and lamps are distributed in this area. The backdrop is the sea. And let me just also mention here, there are plenty of dance balls, both inside and outside, for those of you who like to dance. (I can’t think of a more perfect place to dance and fall in love.) Next to the outside patio is a large bridge created by Orioius Oliva. (Have you been to his shop, The Golden Oriole? If not, please go.) How very beautiful this majestic bridge-build is. There is something solemn about it. There is so much more to see here, but I have to stop for tonight. I joined the Zeppelin Bar: Cabaret, Live Music and Cosy Place group today. Looking forward to announcements.

Photography by Kate Bergdorf

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