The Other World


Ever so often there is a great sense of discontent amongst the citizens of Second Life© to adjustments or changes that the Linden Lab makes to the guidelines of our living in this virtual world. I experienced it in the past too, when I was here with a different avatar; people were upset then, making a lot of loud noises, but it all then eventually fizzled out and disappeared completely. The most recent Linden Lab change to section 2.3 of the ToS, however, seems to have had a more profound consequence, namely, content creators no longer want to make things here and some are even leaving Second Life all together. Those of us who remain in Second Life are considering alternative virtual worlds, like InWorldz. Several bloggers have written posts about InWorldz lately, the two that I like the most are the ones by Strawberry Singh and Canary Beck (these are two very different blog posts, but both incredibly informative and well-written). I created an InWorldz account with my old avatar several years ago. I had a terribly time navigating then and couldn’t make it work. Inspired by all the recent talk about InWorldz, I headed over again, but still I had the same experience and just gave up. Honestly, I think I am just not invested in making InWorldz work. More than anything else, I am conflicted and worried that when talented content creators abandon Second Life there will be really bad consequences for all of us living here. I am someone who is sentimentally attached to Second Life and I would hate to see it go under. I may have to try InWorldz again. For now, it is just a matter of waiting to see what might happens next.

Photography by Kate Bergdorf

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