Woodsman’s Cottage


Charlotte Bartlett of Scarlet Creative did it again.  Just when I thought she could not create anything more beautiful than her last house, she produces a new architectural marvel! I believe one of her most recent builds, the Woodsman’s Cottage, was released a while ago, I just never had the time the time to take a look. But it caught my eye today when it was announced on the Scarlet Creative blog that this cottage would be for sale as part of The Neighbourhood! initiative. For a limited time only, you can purchase this build for L$200. Not only is this a fantastic Second Life© living space, but the muted colors, the windows, and the general very angled layout provide limitless opportunities for photography. This is the kind of house that you want to hang out in for an extended Winter vacation weekend with a hot cup of cocoa close by, face pressed to window watching snowflakes outside slowly falling. Bravo, Charlotte, just a brilliant build!

The Woodsman’s Cottage is a 20×11×16 m, 38 prim, copy/mod mesh prefab build. It consists of three buildings put together (some of them not completely finished) to create one large one. There are two floors and large windows are found throughout. The high quality textures used for this building depict distressed wood, painted wood, and glass.

→ Object: Woodsman’s Cottage
→ Creator: Charlotte Bartlett
→ Store Location: Scarlet Creative Modern Mesh Prefabs Mesh Architecture + Decor
→ SL Marketplace: Scarlet Creative 2006-2013

Photography by Kate Bergdorf

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