I’m not someone who is overly into Halloween, meaning this time of year I don’t go out of my way to find spooky-themed places in Second Life©. Don’t get me wrong, I love going trick-or-treating with kids in Real Life, but at the same time, honestly, I easily tire of the Halloween-hype that seems to swipe  in particular the virtual world like a plague around this time. Having said all this, and for those of you who still do get a kick out of this holiday, please go and visit Havenhollow. This is a place I first read about in Honour’s Post Menopausal View blog and I would lie if I didn’t say that it piqued my curiosity. As I soon discovered, this two-tiered, interactive Halloween virtual extravaganza is truly well-made and quite wonderful. And, judging by the crowds, I was not the only one having this experience.


Teleporting in, one enters on a landing-point which is part of  some kind of suburban housing community. There is something eerily real-world-feeling about this place, which I think contributes to its overall mystique. Part of the experience here is to go trick-or-treating at the houses, which, I admit, was actually a lot of fun. At the outskirt of the housing area is a forest that serves as a connection to another Halloween area below. On a winding path, surrounded by fog, one wanders through these woods and eventually, rather unexpectedly, falls into a deep, dark hole (be prepared for a rather long falling period). Exiting the dark basement filled with spiders and spiderweb is not an easy task, but I eventually made it out.


Having been chased by a large, black, loudly hissing spider, I was pleased to be above ground. I found myself in front of an old Victorian mansion. The old house is quite beautiful. Flocks of bats are flying around it making loud noises, the moon hides behind large groups of yellow Fall trees and darkness envelopes barren branches that seem to be reaching for the starry sky above. There is a lot of things to explore both outside and inside of this house, I especially recommend taking a look at the kitchen and dining room on the ground floor. Be prepared to spend some time.


Well, well, well. For someone who is not really into Halloween that much, I certainly spent a lot of time on this rather spooky sim today taking photos and putting together this blog post. But see, that is exactly the thing about being in Second Life though, you easily get caught up in things and, sometimes despite yourself, you end up having a blast. Have a great Halloween everyone.

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