Fall 2013: Suede Things


In my continued quest for the perfect Fall outfit, I ended up venturing back to Maitreya and LeLutka and then shot the photo itself at POST. This outfit is both elegant and sexy; I love the way the suede-jacket belt emphasizes the waist and then also make the legs appear longer. And there is something very sensuous about the soft-seeming cream-colored suede ankle boots (thank God they don’t get dirty in Second Life©), these are the kind of boots you don’t really want to take off.  I think the luxurious muted gray and beige colors of this ensemble compliment each other beautifully. Great for a stroll in the park or a shopping spree in the city.

Before I move on to listing the products, let me just insert a side note here (warning: rant coming up!). Originally, while putting this outfit together, I used a different pair of ankle boots. They were expensive and created by a recently up-and-coming Second Life fashion designer (out of respect, I will not mention any names here) and I imagined they would go perfect with this outfit. I purchased the shoes and tried them on, they did not fit properly (my avatar’s skin was partially visible on the sides of both shoes) and the HUD provided was non functioning; now ensued the arduous and time-consuming task of looking up the name of the creator, writing a note card explaining my problem, taking a photo of the shoes and then forwarding it all. And then wait. A day later the owner got back to me saying I should edit the script. I tried (of course it didn’t work since I did not have permission to do so) and then let him know it didn’t work and I have not heard back from him since. This is the reason why I find myself repeatedly going back to reputable content creators who consistently provide high quality products and excellent customer service. Just saying.

Addendum to side note: The above Second Life fashion creator just got back to. He was incredibly friendly and helpful, in fact, my ankle boot problem has now been resolved.  Kate Bergdorf <—- Bows head in shame.

Skin: Aime (*peche*) by Essences. Hair: Messy Bouffant Bun (Brown) by Paper Couture. Pose: Stoic by Del May. Jacket: Megan (Suede Timberwolf) by Maitreya. Pants: Leggings (Pearl) by Maitreya. Shoes: Shavon Ankle Boots (Pearl) by LeLutka. Earrings: Merriwheater Diamond Stud by Paper Couture. Sunglasses: BAIA (White) by Tabloid.

Photography by Kate Bergdorf

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