Two Stores by Artists

I visited today shops owned by renowned artists in Second Life©. These are places where one-of-a-kind items are up for grabs, sometimes for incredibly reasonable prices. Some of the stuff for sale has been part of prior exhibits, other things have never been seen by the public before being displayed in the shop. I really like these kinds of stores because not only can I purchase and own unique work, but by doing so I also support the artists themselves and with it creativity in Second Life at large. I’m sure there are more stores by artists out there, when I find others that I like I will make sure to mention them in this blog as well.

Cherry Manga and Anley Piers


The first place I went to was the shop at Mysterious Wave, owned and created by Cherry Manga and Anley Piers, who have been active in the Second Life art world for years now, exhibited widely and won numerous awards. These two women have always been very well-liked and have a strong following. I think not only because of their obvious talent and the beautiful work they produce, but also because they seem to have an incredibly fun time doing what they are doing. Together they own and manage the art sim, Mysterious Wave (currently showing Childhood). The shop itself, which is located in a skybox above, is gorgeous, with red/gold details and sophisticated layouts. Here you will find things like the Hybride Ant, by Anley Piers (L$159), Sur le fil a linge, by Cherry Manga ($L475) and much more (some of the categories are Art, Skins and Tattoos, Garden and Furniture). Their work can also be purchased on Second Life Marketplace.

Bryn Oh


The second store I went to today was the Bryn Oh Curiosity Shop, which I found when browsing the art section of the Second Life Destination Guide. It is a shop owned and created by Bryn Oh (I thought she had a store on Immersiva; I headed over to see if it was still there, it was not). Bryn Oh certainly needs no introduction here, I think I can safely say she is one of the finest artists in Second Life. She has shown her work on Immersiva as long as I can remember. There is a devotion and seriousness behind this talented artist’s work (installations, machinima, objects) that lends to the Second Life art world itself a strong sense of reputability. The new Bryn Oh store is dark and beautiful, a very large space. Amongst other things, you will find here items like White Moth (L$600), Anna and little Timmy (L$1,500) and Steam Clock (L$700). Don’t forget zoom in and out while you visit; on the roof of the building itself is Pouncing Fox (L$4,000), a huge fox (out of Anna’s Many Murders) that I almost purchased before I finally got a hold of myself.

Photography by Kate Bergdorf

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