Romy Nayar: Overto Omonto

Romy Nayar



The work of Romy Nayar is known to me and her fine creations never cease to impress me with their darkness and sense of poetry. Her work is often based on stories, usually with a moral, and there is a magical quality, as sense of unreality, that one also finds in the work of Bryn Oh. Her newest creation Overto Omonto can be seen on MetaLES, a sim she manages with her partner, Ux Hax. This creation, like many other of her works, is veiled in the macabre and mystery. It consists of a large, deserted space where buildings, trees and figures can sporadically be detected. The figures are part of various scenes and sort of come across as avatars, but also not. There is something very doll-like and inanimate about this virtual figure who is part of the scene, which lends it a quality of being a work of  art and thus different then the customary virtual avatar per se. All scenes are part of the installation and also part of a riddle; note card with instructions is provided at entrance. If you join the MetaLES group you can use a vehicle provided at the landing point.


Photography by Kate Bergdorf

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