Ole Etzel: Mr. Bones

Ole Etzel



Several bloggers referenced this week the new Drax Files: Episode 12: Ole Etzel, by the talented Draxtor Despres. Ole Etzel (Second Life avatar name) may be most well-known for his machinima, which involve the adventures of Mr. Bones, but he is also creative in other realms. I headed over to his playground, named Mr. Bones, to check out what else he has done. There are two parts to his public space; there is a small planet and below it another large space.  Here you will find cartoon-like trees and vegetation, fences that are mixed in with other realistic appearing objects (like chain-saws and sharks) and more primitive colorful Second Life basic prims. Sounds, movement and particles complete these scenes. While this work is clearly original and recognizable as created by Ole Etzel, it also reminded me in some ways  of the work by both Cica Ghost and Eupalinos Ugajin. What these three artists share, besides the ability to integrate into their work playfulness intelligently, is the ability to juxtapose a few seemingly simple and concrete objects in a meaningful and quite metaphorical way.

Photography by Kate Bergdorf

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