Immersive Experience





The direct translation of the Latin phrase memento mori to English is something like remember you must die. The group Chouchou have with their build Memento Mori successfully captured in Second Life© a symbolic representation of this ancient notion. The sum of several parts (the monumental build, the angelical music, and the Chouchou HUD) all contribute to the immersive Memento Mori experience as a whole. I have visited many times and I am continuously struck by the sheer magic of this place. Head over and see for yourself.

Photography by Kate Bergdorf. Photos can also be seen in Second Life at The Bergdorf Reports Photography.

Addendum: Since this post was written I have relocated within Second Life and the Bergdorf Reports Photography space no longer exists. If you are interested in my photography, please let me know and I am happy to give you the picture you like.



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