The  remarkably beautiful Hera gown was created by Onyx LeShelle of Maitreya for the Designers United 5 event only. This surrealist inspired occasion will last until October 4, 2013, go and check it out, there is still time to visit and perhaps even purchase on of the unique items for sale. The Hera gown consists of rigged mesh and is no modify and no transfer. It comes in a creamy kind of beige color. This is a strapless long dress, with extensions that flow to the side; the Hera stilts (L, M, S, XS, XXS) and the Hera Skull (with out without eyes) can be purchased separately.

→ Object: Hera
→ Creator: Onyx LeShelle
→ Store Location: Designers United 5

Photography by Kate Bergdorf. Location: Spencer Art Museum. Poses by Del May. Skin: Lucy (Snow) by Glam Affair. Hair: Dulcina (Blue Night) by LeLutka.

Too Cute!


In an effort to raise funds to maintain her Second Life© cafe, the Pixel Bean Coffee House owner Harlow Heslop has arranged a dating auction. I can’t believe this has not been done before in-world, it is such a fun idea. Kudos to the people who volunteered to date and bravo to Harlow for thinking of this in the first place! Head over to bid for yourself at the Pixel Bean Coffeehouse Date Auction, the auction is ongoing until October 6, 2013. Also, check out the very wonderful coffee-house itself here.

Photography by Kate Bergdorf

Immersive Experience





The direct translation of the Latin phrase memento mori to English is something like remember you must die. The group Chouchou have with their build Memento Mori successfully captured in Second Life© a symbolic representation of this ancient notion. The sum of several parts (the monumental build, the angelical music, and the Chouchou HUD) all contribute to the immersive Memento Mori experience as a whole. I have visited many times and I am continuously struck by the sheer magic of this place. Head over and see for yourself.

Photography by Kate Bergdorf. Photos can also be seen in Second Life at The Bergdorf Reports Photography.

Addendum: Since this post was written I have relocated within Second Life and the Bergdorf Reports Photography space no longer exists. If you are interested in my photography, please let me know and I am happy to give you the picture you like.



Fall 2013: Virtual Fur


It is getting colder outside and it makes me want to bundle up in sweaters and warm clothes, not only in Real Life, but in Second Life© as well. So I embarked today on a grid journey to look for Fall fashion. Let me tell you, there is not much out there yet to find. At some point, somewhat discouraged, I finally found myself standing in front of a short fur jacket. It was the Bear Jacket (comes in Brown, Blue, and Red), created by the fashion house Baiastice. This is a short and very elegant fur, with three-quarter sleeves. I will not lie, I loved it, but was at the same time incredibly conflicted about getting it. I would never buy a fur in Real Life, I am principally against it (I wont even wear used fur from second-hand stores)! So how could I possibly justify getting one in Second Life? Well, let me suggest, if you are a Real Life anti-fur person like me, there are at least two ways of looking at this. One, you could stick to your guns, stick up for your Real Life belief and not get fur in Second Life either. After all, the fur you purchase in Second Life is a symbol of something you are against in your Real Life. Or, two, you could get a fur in Second Life, taking this opportunity to wear fur since no animals were killed when making it. Just the act of purchasing the fur itself somehow didn’t sit right with me, but I decided to go ahead and buy it anyway. Very tricky indeed.

→ Object: Bear Jacket
→ Creator: Sissy Pessoa
→ Store Location: Baiastice

Photography by Kate Bergdorf. Location : Memento Mori. Skirt: Pencil Skirt Length 2 (Black) by Maitreya. Shoes: Mae Platform (Black) by Gos. Skin: Whisper (Light Rose) by Essences. Hair: Dulcina (Blue Night) by LeLutka. Pose: Whim by Del May.