The Foot Dilemma or Why Gospel Voom Rocks


Many of us with female avatars in Second Life© can relate to the frustrating problem of finding a beautiful sandal and the ensuing struggle with matching the skin tone of the foot and ankle. There have been times when I have decided against purchasing a sling-back or peep-toe simply because I did not want to engage in the arduous and time-consuming affair of matching skins. I am not particularly technically inclined and not very patient. While I love the high quality and incredibly gorgeous shoes created by Onyx Leshelle (Maitreya), I have no problem admitting that I struggle with the Maitreya Skin Blender HUD as well as the more recent Blender Socks. And for you barefoot lovers out there, I know many of you swear by the Mesh Feet (and Hands) created by the talented Siddean Munro (Slink). Honestly, I couldn’t even be bothered reading the instructions in each and every one of the four note cards included in the Slink Mesh Rigged folder and gave up. Let me now bring your attention (as if you didn’t already know) to the work of Gospel Voom (Gos). Not only does he produce some of the most well-crafted and alluring footwear and feet on the grid, he also offers us a skin matching system that is incredibly user-friendly. This One Time Skin Matching System is nothing short of revolutionary in the world of the virtual foot! It is so straight-forward that a five-year-old could use it; simply position the HUD on your screen in-world and click Configure, which then takes you to the Gos webpage. Here you can choose skin options from all major skin makers in Second Life; the skins are updated as soon as there is a new release. Once you have located and chosen the skin you want to wear, you return in-world and simply click Sync on the HUD. You are done and the proud wearer of perfectly matched skin! I think Gospel Voom deserves a medal.


→ Object: Gos One Time Skin Matching System
→ Creator: Gospel Voom
→ Store Location: Gos Boutique
→ SL Marketplace: Gos

Photography by Kate Bergdorf. Location : Scribbled Hearts. Skin: Summer (America) by Glam Affair. Feet: Barefeet Arched by Gos. Hair: Candy (Light Browns Fade) by Truth Hair. Dress: Mesh Cul-De-Sac (Blue) by Maitreya.

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