Valentina, again




One of the photos I took for the post Valentina yesterday brought about quite a bit of enthusiasm from people. Thank you for the positive feedback, everyone. The first photo in that post is part of a series and, due to popular demand, I will post a few other photos from that set here. All images are raw, meaning they have not been manipulated in any way. I took these photos on the sim Calabaza Island, they were shot on the very rainy outside location of the Grey November Gallery.

Photography by Kate Bergdorf. Location : Grey November Gallery. All Poses: by Del May. Skin: Romance (Pale) by Ava Lu. Hair: Slicked Parted Hair Bun (blonde) by Ava Lu. Jewelry: Merriwheather Diamonds by Ava Lu. Dress: Valentina by Ava Lu. All objects by Ava Lu are from the Paper Couture Fall/Winter 2013 Romance Collection.

Photos can also be seen in Second Life at The Bergdorf Reports Photography.

Addendum: Since this post was written I have relocated within Second Life and the Bergdorf Reports Photography space no longer exists. If you are interested in my photography, please let me know and I am happy to give you the picture you like.

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