Best Rain Ever



rain_003I thought I was done blogging for today, but no, here is another post. It turns out that there is another part to the Grey November Gallery that I have mentioned to you in the two previous posts! I had a conversation with the owner, Rodriguez Munro, and he offered me a tour of the forest area; you can teleport there from the gallery shop below. It rains heavily at the Grey November Gallery forest. In fact, I have never seen such rain in Second Life; the density of the raindrops almost feel like fog, hitting the ground in many small puddles. Large groups of black crows hover above thick clusters of dark trees and, in front of me, an old, metal gate has broken into two parts. The sound of the rain and the crows come together here and add to the general feeling of being in a dark and forsaken place. Once you enter this intriguing parcel, you will find a small house that contains a gallery with beautiful photographs by Rodriguez Munro himself. In one of the note cards provided by Rodriguez we find a poem by Hermann Hesse that appears to have been part of what inspired him to create this intriguing spot:

In the Mists
by Hermann Hesse

Wondrous to wander through mists!
Parted are bush and stone:
None to the other exists,
Each stands alone.

Many my friends came calling
then, when I lived in the light;
Now that the fogs are falling,
None is in sight.

Truly, only the sages
Fathom the darkness to fall,
Which, as silent as cages,
Separates all.

Strange to walk in the mists!
Life has to solitude grown.
None for the other exists:
Each is alone.

The gallery in the house is of course a big part of the overall experience here. In it, you will not only find shelter from the raging storm outside, you also find yourself in the midst of Rodriguez’s photography. His images are rather small, cleverly displayed in two clusters on walls, adding to the sense of intimacy that already exists in the house. The photos are all taken in Second Life©, often depicting things like landscapes and crows. Rodriguez’s work is both subtle and fine, clearly reflecting the fact that he has mastered the complexities of the art of photography.  For more information on the work of Rodriguez Munro, check out Suede Magazine Volume 13. This is a special place, go and take a look.

Photography by Kate Bergdorf.

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