Fall 2013: Valentina



Ava Lu of Paper Couture introduced to us this week Forever Romance, her new Fall 2013 collection. For the first time, some of her items now consist of rigged mesh. The jewelry, head pieces and gowns are gorgeous and of the same high quality that we have come to expect of this talented creator. Included in the new collection you will also find new skin, hair and nails. In addition, the interior of the Paper Couture Flagship store itself has been updated. Initially, I was disappointed, I quite liked the way it used to look, but the new design grew on me;  cream colors, some lingering vegetation, soap bubbles all around. Very dreamy.

The gown Valentina consists of partial rigged mesh and is no transfer. It comes in white with a soft lavender belt. This is a strapless evening gown; below the corset-like top, layers of finely constructed valances are fitted around the waist, the bottom part of the dress flows into a long train that gently covers the ground.

→ Object: Valentina
→ Creator: Ava Lu
→ Store Location: Paper Couture Flagship
→ SL Marketplace: Paper Couture

Photography by Kate Bergdorf. Location : Grey November Gallery. Poses: Driftwood (variant) by Del May. Skin: Romance (Pale) by Ava Lu. Hair: Slicked Parted Hair Bun (blonde) by Ava Lu.

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