Sky Tower


I completely fell in love with this build, purchased it and made it my home in Second Life©. The attraction had to do with it providing a sense of the unknown. Let me explain. With the introduction of mesh, we have, for the past year or so, seen an influx of gorgeous and incredibly realistic-looking architecture and interior design. While I am impressed with mesh, and all in favor of beautiful architecture and design that mimic Real Life, I also fear that the concept of a beautiful Real Life build in Second Life now seems rather mundane. The notion of living in an incredibly well-crafted, realistic-looking modern luxury home has lost some of its appeal. The Sky Tower, even though not original per se since inspired by an existing futuristic fantasy building, provides an exciting new Second Life home and living alternative.

The Sky Tower is a 28×55 m, 199 prim, copy/mod build inspired by a building in the movie Oblivion. It basically consists of four levels: the top part is a small room with a wall of windows; the main floor is an expansive space consisting of large, ceiling to floor windows on three sides; below it is a smaller enclosed submarine-like space without windows and, finally, on the bottom is a small unenclosed sitting area. All rooms are connected by stairs. The textures used depict metal, cement and glass. Shadows are used throughout. The doors make an incredible “swish” sound, both when opening and closing.

→ Object: Sky Tower
→ Creator: Kendra Zaurak
→ Store Location: FANATIC
→ SL Marketplace: Fanatic Architecture

Photography by Kate Bergdorf. Location: Home of Kate Bergdorf.

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