fall trace


There is always great excitement amongst us grid travelers when the sim The Trace changes for the season. I usually head over and blog about it (here and here and here) and  of course I did today again. The Trace sim has been in SL since 2013, originally put together by Kylie Jaxxon, who then in 2014 started designing the sim in collaboration with Elvira Kytori. Most recently, Elvira and Kylie are implementing a new idea and note that; [t]he new concept was to have 3 seasonal Sim’s where each will stay for a whole year for all to enjoy, before changing for a new season, and design. This years Fall Trace has been primarily designed by Elvira Kytori. The Winter Trace will be mainly designed by Kylie Jaxxon and will open in early December. Fall Trace opened to the public a few days ago and in keeping with past tradition does not disappoint. A swamp-like landscape, filled with an incredible amount of different trees, flowers, and grass provides a great backdrop for photography. An abundance of little houses, including one of my favorites, Soy‘s Old Chanty Boat, are placed throughout the landscape offering seating with poses. Head over and take a look, enjoy and make sure to post your pics in The Trace Flickr group.

Photograph by Kate Bergdorf

corridor of curiosities


Gabriel, owner and creator of Corruption, has put together a small gallery space, Corridor of Curiosities. Open to non-members from October 4 to November 5, this show offers ten scenes in box-frames created by Gabriel himself. Each little box depicts a very different scene, great in detail and quite beautiful. Visitors are encouraged to participate; Come. Be Curious. What will you imagine? More information on how to part-take can be obtained by clicking the box on the wall at the landing point. Head over and give it a try!

Photograph by Kate Bergdorf

leila outfit and mia necklace


New Leila Outfit (bra and pants) in colors Aqua, Army, Burgundy, Champagne, Girlie, Ivory, Midnight and Onyx for Kustom 9. Maitreya body compatible and fit mesh. New Mia Necklace (gold or silver) K9 Anniversary Gift in colors Army, Black, Creme, Moss, Navy, Oxblood, Powder, Pumpkin, Purple, Sun and White. Cafe Chair by Apple Fall.

Photograph by Kate Bergdorf

Livio Korobase and ◦⊱Mi⊰◦ at Berg by Nordan Art



We have two new exhibits coming up at Berg by Nordan Art, The Joy Formidable, by Livio Korobase, and L’avion en Papier, by ◦⊱Mi⊰◦, lasting from October through December 2016. The opening is this Sunday, October 16 at 10 AM SLT and our Nordan Art house DJ, Eif, aka d-oo-b, will spin tunes as usual. It is such an honor for me to host these two artists as they are both close to my heart. Livio Korobase’s installation is inspired by the music by the group The Joy Formidable, specifically by the song This Ladder is Ours. Livio suggests that another clue about his work is “the trick is to go the cats circle near the big Luna cat, and look at the blue girl… .”  ◦⊱Mi⊰◦ notes that this exhibit has given me the opportunity to work with the paper airplane. To me, the paper airplane symbolizes poetry and freedom. Most importantly, it is ephemeral; it takes off and flies. It is a gesture, a moment, a magical plane that eventually smoothly falls, but does not break and can fly again. A moment of dream and grace. The paper airplane can be created by anyone, anywhere; both children and adults alike recognize the transient poetry of this simple object. In my photographs, the paper plane is used as a paper airplane, but also as a sail, a wing, a hat, a boat hull, a safe keeper and it does not leave the woman as it is part of her. The Nordan om Jorden sim will open to the public again on the day of the opening. Please be on the lookout for group announcements. And look forward to seeing you all this weekend!

mia jumpsuit


New Mia Jumpsuit in colors Army, Coal, Creme, Ivory, Midnight, Onyx, Ox, Princess, Purple, Herringbone/Black, Herringbone/Blue, Herringbone/Brown, Herringbone/Grey, and Herringbone/Rose by Clef de Peau for The Seasons Story. Maitreya body compatible and fit mesh. Pose by Le Poppycock.

Photograph by Kate Bergdorf

fall gallery updates


Fall is upon us and there are several Berg by Nordan Art updates I would like to share here. First, the two exhibits by Maloe Vansant, Close Ups of a Doll and Memories: Retrospective, will come to an end the last day of September. I will miss seeing these beautiful photographs, and also the doll houses, in the gallery so much. Come and check this out if you haven’t already. The Nordan om Jorden sim will then be closed to the public for the two first weeks of October while we install two new shows by Livio Korobase and by ◦⊱Mi⊰◦. The opening will be on Sunday, October 16 at 10 AM SLT and as usual Berg by Nordan Art house DJ Eif, aka d-oo-b, will provide music. More about this to come! The two other gallery parts, Gallery M, permanent exhibit space for Mich Michabo, and L’annexe, where I show a collection of my photographs, are easily accessible via teleport from the main gallery. Also in the main gallery, you will find general information about Berg by Nordan Art, the Paper Crown events, as well as link access to join the Berg by Nordan Art group, Flickr group and my two blogs. Finally, the October Paper Crown event will take place on Sunday, October 2 at 2 PM SLT. As I am on vacation then, the ceremony will take place at the Michabode this time. If you would like to attend, please contact Mich Michabo separately for access.

Photograph by Kate Bergdorf

dixmix gallery


A new gallery, dixmix gallery, opened a few days ago. Curated by dixmix Source and built by Megan Prumier, this is a welcome addition to the Second Life gallery scene. The tastefully put-together large two-story concrete space consists of three main parts; the black, white and grey galleries. Disbursed throughout are familiar statues by Mistero Hilfeng, all which are mindfully integrated into the large space. In the foyer is on display a selection  from dixmix’s private collection of older works by Ariel Brearly. (As a side note here, Ariel will be showing new photographs at Berg by Nordan Art starting January 2017, please be on the lookout for announcements.) On view in the black gallery space are new photographs by Grazia Horwitz; stunning and captivating, these images held my attention for a long time. Bravo Grazia, really well done. In the grey gallery section we find a selection of previously seen works by the talented Ziki Questi, who’s knack for wide-angle landscapes never seizes to amaze me. Solid and very beautiful work as always. There is also a small personal collection section of the gallery, showing intriguing pink images by Megan Prumier that I loved. Finally, in the white gallery space are on display black and white photographs by dixmix himself. I adored these, really great work dix. This is a very cool gallery with a fantastic layout, showing carefully selected art. Congrats to dixmix, Megan and the artists. Head over and take a look if you haven’t already!

Photograph by Kate Bergdorf